加州住房市场 sits in an odd stage of limbo.  您 can see that the public for the most part is fully aware of the 情况 like an Alamo standoff in real estate.  People fully acknowledge now that banks are holding off a tremendous 库存量。此时,关于影子库存的秘密很少。然而,对于所有陷入困境的房产,人们都在人为地考虑低利率,并且想知道现在是否该买房(假设他们不是就业不足的20%以上的人之一)。  浮动利率抵押 use is at all-time lows and why would you not go with a fixed rate given the insanely low rates?  Yet the market and economy is not healthy.  Mortgage rates and low inventory would be signs of a healthy market in other times but the opposite is the case.  什么 does this mean for housing going forward?



arms as california 贷款

资源:  第一个星期二

的 use of ARMs is practically non-existent when at the peak it 原为 nearly reaching 80 percent of all loan originations.  This is Alt-A和选项ARM 我们曾经居住过的宇宙。从表面上看,ARM的低使用率可能很明显,但我认为它可以告诉我们更多有关市场的信息。当前,一些ARM的利率低得令人难以置信(但许多ARM都采用了传统的承保标准,需要支付较大的首付)。一些人的论点是,抵押贷款利率将在很长一段时间内保持低水平,类似于 日本经历了.  If this is the case, then wouldn’t you think that going for an ARM with a 1 至 2 percent cut in APR would make sense?  My take from this is that the public 没有’t believe that the Fed can keep this artificially low rate going for a long-time so grab those fixed rates while you can.  Take a look at all the 纾困s and actions the Fed has had 至 do 至 keep rates low:


资源:  布鲁斯·卡斯汀        

换句话说,美联储必须变得异常活跃,变得更加激进,才能保持当前的水平。的 ARM使用率低 反映了以下观点:利率是利率的最低点,人们需要在发生某些事情之前先锁定。然而,更大的问题是,正在发生什么?经济仍然面临着严峻的挑战。州和联邦政府将分一杯pie。即使您在奥兰治县的某些地方看得很高 HOA和Mello-Roos 与非抵押相关的物品的费用已经开始增加。


Everything would seem 至 favor a booming housing market but that is not happening.  您 essentially 有 a sub-group of folks with 公平 in their 首页s trying 至 trade 至 one another and first time buyers trying 至 scrape 至 gether enough for that 首付3.5%的FHA保险贷款。这反映出经济不佳而不是健康。看一下该州的破产情况:


Keep in mind that the falloff in 2006 hit because of the rush 至 file in 2005 before 破产 law became 至 ugher and more difficult 至 process.  We are very much near peak levels under these new stringent requirements.  In 2006 we were closer 至 35,000 破产 filings while last year we hit 230,000 (an increase of 557%).  什么 this dramatic change signifies is that the underlying economy is still very weak and many people are unable 至 meet their current 债务s.  A large part of this is driven by housing 债务 via 抵押贷款 or HELOCs or other forms of 债务 based spending.  Keep in mind over 30 percent of California mortgage holders are currently underwater owing more on their 首页 than it is currently worth.

Again the question remains, who can pay for these 首页s with a poor economy?  的 major growth group in the state is from baby boomers:


您 有 an aging population that essentially can sell 至 one another and transfer 公平 至 each other and a much less affluent younger population that is mired in other forms of 债务,包括学生债务。上图突出显示了增长趋势。人们是25至44岁年龄段的家庭,您会发现这一细分市场的增长并不十分显着。十年来家庭收入保持稳定:




FHA insured 贷款 需要很少的费用(使用默认费率,价格会越来越高)   

受控 影子库存 由银行人为地限制供应。这是人为的,因为本质上发展了会计标准和纾困方案以改变银行以公众为代价开展业务的方式。

的 public now largely realizes that banks are operating in a pseudo-market and prime properties are being allocated even before they hit the MLS.  I’ve gotten a few e-mails from folks seeing some interesting action in the short sale process especially when it comes 至 more prime properties.  Again, this is not a “free market” but one that is being carefully managed.  Yet you need 至 ask 至 what end?  的 real economy 没有’t seem 至 be producing the jobs 至 sustain current prices.  This November taxes will be on the table.  When 钱 is running short and 就业 opportunities seem limited you can expect the unexpected.  Those that think housing is balancing itself out on its own need 至 look at that Fed chart again and examine FHA担保贷款违约率.

你喜欢这个职位吗?订阅Housing Bubble博士的博客可获取最新的住房评论,分析和信息。

你喜欢这个职位吗?订阅Housing Bubble医生的博客以获取最新的住房评论,分析和信息

70个回复 至 “实现加州基于债务的梦想–可变利率抵押贷款和破产。从2006年到2011年,加利福尼亚州的破产人数增加了557%。”

  • 有什么疑问为什么现在要比几年前更难宣布破产?

    • 哎呀’就像金融业计划的那样,因为他们加大了疯狂的房地产泡沫,从而快速赚钱…

    • 为了回答您的问题,为什么现在申请破产比几年前更加困难,我需要澄清一些事情:我不是民主党人或共和党人,我是一个有思想的美国人。

      现在要申请破产变得更加困难,因为由一家银行st窃州,特拉华州参议员乔·拜登(Joe Biden)提出的一项立法制定了一项法案,以使其更加难以负担’债务自负。请充分注意时间:2005年,即泡沫破灭的前一年。计划。


      什么 is left unsaid in this fine 文章 is why the artificial interest rates cannot hold for long: US Treasury Bond sales 有 actually collapsed, and the Fed is virtually giving TBTF banks “loans”购买这些债券,并为此付费。私人资金已离开拍卖大楼。

      美联储的目标是(官方)每年2%“inflation target”,这是使美元贬值并使不可偿还债务看起来几乎可偿还的努力。换句话说,如果他们能够将量化宽松/过度通货膨胀造成的通货膨胀控制在2%以内,从而导致向TBTF银行大量创建法定票据/计算机信用,而这在20年内是不可能的,那么您可以指望损失40%的当前购买力。


      美国正在被包围。最好的人戒掉了被msm创造的洗脑否认“conspiracy theory”废话,然后唤醒F。



  • 止赎房屋成为室内大麻农场的家园


  • 奥利弗·索洛索夫

    I 原为 saying this in 2006. I knew egg xactly what the banks were going 至 do… sadly, I still 原为 not able 至 protect myself even though I knew what 原为 happening. I 原为 coming back from Vegas in 2005 and there 原为 a house listed in Bakersfield for 500.000!!! I knew at that moment that the whole thing 原为 going 至 collapse… yet I did nothing…7年后的今天,自己踢自己。

    • 的 telling moment for me 原为 when they were advertizing 110% 抵押贷款. Something inside of me said “this ain’t right”

      • 汽车行业的营销策略被盗。早在20%下降的汽车时代–需要20%的资金。然而,当他们开发信用报告时,发现他们可以选拔好的债权人,并出售给他们100%的融资,从而增加借入资金的利润。对于那些不能’t pay they just repossessed the cars and resold adding more 至 their profits. Credit not 公平 became the commodity. Enter mortgage backed securities, 0 down, and stated income because after all 首页s did not depreciate like cars –那么他们怎么会输?

        他们不能’因为他们通过撤销商标来阻止损失,从而使MBS卖空’s, 纾困s and….. drum roll…..严厉的个人破产条款。

    • 那个鸡蛋碰到了我同样的事情。计划在2006年在拉斯维加斯出售,然后一家人病了,决定将其出售推迟到治疗后进行,当然到那时泡沫破裂,我们再也无法出售了。我们40万的股权使一些Bankster变得富有,他们从我的同胞那里偷走了数万​​亿美元。他们很聪明地及时修改了那些令人讨厌的破产法,以使这些傻瓜也仍然在水下抵押贷款中!在2005年颁布新的BK法律之前,法官可能会要求银行家将抵押贷款降低至目前的市场价值。银行家知道为了卖他们的MBS’对于投资者而言,他们必须将抵押贷款保持在虚高的价值,这也是银行不向市场释放房屋的原因,因为这样一来,他们所知道的价值就成为现实!上帝禁止我们在美国拥有自由市场!大声笑

      • 您的40万股本’使一些银行家变得富有…它要么消失在稀薄的空气中,就像它已经存在(毕竟,这个地方的价值在于人们的全部)’的头)如果您支付的费用比那少得多–或者,如果您实际上为此付出了接近的费用,那么您的‘equity’ went into the pockets of the seller you bought from. Tons of regular people made out like bandits in the bubble, buying in 2000 and selling in 2006 and walking away with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars out of thin air, dollars that no longer exist because those 首页s are now worth much less and that ‘equity’ is *POOF* –没了那些是赚钱最多的人。银行家得到了什么?利息支付? REO属性?冲销?银行在哪里’ riches come from?

    • 我在2005年也有类似的认识,大学毕业后回到OC,发现经济新闻与显示60,000美元中位数的文章在同一页上庆祝着600,000美元中位价格,并开始做数学…80/20固定30年固定$ 600,000的收入至少需要3个中位数收入。

      At the time, I 原为 half-jokingly saying we needed a big earthquake 至 scare off the non-californians but it 原为n’不久就变成了对新一轮经济萧条的预测。我几乎没有意识到立法机关和公众愿意为之便利。

      现在我’我到了要点’m about ready 至 pull up the old stakes, pack up, and hit the road. If 我不’如果在11月之前做到这一点,我毫不怀疑选举的结果将提供我所需要的最后推动力。

    • 布兰克芬勋爵


  • 美国梦/加利福尼亚梦应该与自由有关–包括财务自由和债务自由。它’,很痛心地看到在这个曾经伟大的国家improde…我们正在政府的帮助下对自己做到’和华尔街精英。


  • 在房屋的角落里可以画出自己的力量。


    本·伯纳克(Ben Bernake)只是向您支付杠杆,以减轻社会化损失,只要您允许他这样做,不要使国会流连忘返。

    然后,更多的人可以拼凑3.5%的折扣,哎呀,您可以说服奶奶给18岁的Jr. 3.5%的折扣,而在5年内,她的回报比Sam叔叔给她的回报还要多,只需给Granny颁发REaltard许可,在销售结束和POOF之后,她的资金翻了一番,遥遥领先于游戏。零升值仍然比负收益的UST票据和债券好。格兰尼可以自己开办美联储,为所有小仓鼠发行5年期债券。 (FHA说您可以每两年漂洗并重复3.5%的费用,如果Jr.花费5/1 ARMS会减少很多,他可以在2年内节省足够的钱再用于避暑别墅。) Heli Ben抓住了你的风“competition”他会用脚踩你。


    • 伊恩·奥尔曼(Ian Ollmann)

      Rates going up will probably be in response 至 increasing 通货膨胀. 的 通货膨胀 will provide the nominal increase in 首页 value so that sellers don’t feel screwed —尽管它们当然是美元。

      • 但是,保险,税收,HOA会费,维护等的成本膨胀又如何呢?

        Where is the free cash flow going 至 come from 至 pay 至 maintain a 首页 if wages are stagnant/descreasing?

        这里 is what I call the “Rich Uncle test”

        If a rich uncle *GAVE* away title 至 a $1mm property, free and clear, would Joe Average be able 至 afford it? I believe the answer is a solid NO, simply because a median income 没有’t provide enough cash flow 至 maintain a $1mm 首页.

        So at what level do house prices 有 至 drop 至 make *ANY* 首页 intrinsically affordable?

    • TPTB 有 painted themselves in a corner, true. 您 r observations are very valid.

      But what about yours/our individual lives? As everyday ticks by, we are closer 至 death, and 错过了 on things. And when that day comes, interest rates and values wont matter. All that will matter is looking back and either being glad we actaully lived somewhere nice, or regretting we didn’t.

      • PTB
        没有说过更真实的话,这个住房/金融泡沫已经夺走了我们的宝贵记忆和购买房屋的能力。我们’re not infestors, just frugal sensible families, who want a place 至 call 首页.I see no end in sight 至 this madness.
        我们可以’t find a suitable 首页. No inventory, and 首页s that should be $400K are $500K. Who the heck can afford that?


      • 狂,

        We are in similiar 情况s.


      • PTB,我’我与你在这个困境中。我需要一个屋顶,我没有债务。
        您 don’如果您必须付钱给政府以保持蹲法,请在该国自行蹲下。

        I say get an FHA 3.5% find anything affordable, render unto Ceasar his monthly PITI fortify the ever loving heck out of it. And wait it out. 的 rest of the planet is going 至 fall apart before the US will, not because we are any better than anyone else, it is because we are completely apathetic. No massive riots will take place here, no giant protests, just 65% of the population trapped inside their 首页s watching 24 hour news being perpetually scared 至 death while they watch the rest of the world burn down with Nero’菲亚特崩溃。每个人都on着快餐走了三个街区,然后用EBT卡付款。 TPTB一直在提醒您在免费有线电视上,他们应该管理多少“situation”看看那边有多糟

        只是希望您有幸在我们拥有的受操纵市场中找到可以买到的好东西。我在So Cal没有任何运气。

      • 我是在2004年买进的,当时我知道市场太夸张了。上次崩溃是从89到94,我全力投资于住房。在那之后,我说我不会再买了。但是,租金太高了,所以我决定买房。一世’m single, a CPA in the San Fernando Valley and work as a controller in a Chapter 13 Trustee office (Bankruptcy). I bought in Woodland Hills, a 首页 high on a hill with an indescribable view of the city and canyons. Paid $642,000 for a 22oo sq ft 4 bedroom 首页.
        我可以’t wait 至 get 首页 every day because it is the closest thing 我可以 imagine 至 heaven. Back yard is full of bunnies, squirrels and a variety of birds that I feed every day. Mature trees and shrubs make it even more beautiful. I feel extremely blessed 至 be in this 首页. So you are right, who knows how long we 有 on this beautiful planet, but make the best of it and owning this 首页 has greatly increased my quality of life.

    • @ I am not POTUS 您 should be!! Great post!

  • I’我们在内陆帝国的更好地区看到了几处房产,它们显示为“pending”他们被列出的那天…而且他们据说是卖空的。某些事情必须在幕后进行。

    • 可能没有大的阴谋。我在一个止赎房屋翻转小组工作,我们的代理商在我们的房屋到达MLS之前就吸引了非FHA买家。我们将其列出并将其更改为当天待处理。没什么阴暗的,买方经纪人会拿出2.5%的佣金来预购优质房屋,我们知道经纪人和贷款经纪人,并且有信心交易会完成,所以我们的价格要低一些。

      • 什么’令人遗憾的是,这些卖空交易往往是预先安排的交易,价格低于竞争性市场价格,希望服务员无论如何都能批准。我曾尝试对某些此类卖空交易进行出价(远高于挂牌价,因为它远高于挂牌价)“arms length”买方提供)和“selling agent”像疯了似的。

        这些“listings” are meant 至 discourage legitimate bidders from even considering putting in an offer (many fewer people will bid on a 待定 listing). Of course the seller 没有’t care, because they 有 no 公平.


        In my case, I am in the mortgage industry and know enough people at the large servicers 至 interject myself in the process. Boy, are those 销售代理s pissed when I do that.

      • Maybe you should let the rest of us buy 首页s instead of being greedy.

      • 戴夫·HB·伦特

        是否希望看到Dana Point可能发生的卖空欺诈的最新示例?


        Hit the market 至 day, as 待定 – for $990k. It 原为 last removed from the MLS at a $1.5Million listing price after chasing the market down since 2007. Current owners bought it for $2.3 Million.

        将是DHB的好房子’s “homes of genius” award

  • 住房价格将继续下跌,因为工作仍在占劳动年龄人口的百分比下降。这是世界性的危机。没有哪个国家可以幸免,甚至非法分子也将离开!结束美联储,结束国税局,结束部分准备金银行等。

  • 肯定可以解决该问题。我们当地的美国银行房屋贷款办公室(以前称为Countrywide)正在关闭,只剩下两名员工。当我在报纸上看到这一消息时,我笑了起来,并告诉我的妻子,他们可能被要求撕碎文件或以其他方式埋藏被转移的高层人士的证据。

    如果BAC这样做,我怀疑花旗和富国银行不会落后。这些克雷丁烤饼已在最高层次上达成了协议,当尘埃落定时,将面临起诉— there won’不能成为证据!

    • 乔恩
      还是在马德拉(Madera)的Countrywide / BOA办公室和西米谷(Simi Valley)的American Way?

  • 步骤1.禁止所有华尔街和其他州立银行在加利福尼亚开展业务

  • 伊恩·奥尔曼(Ian Ollmann)


    • 美国人为什么要为银行家的坏赌注付费?他们使用OPM来赌博我们的资产,并在此过程中赚了上万亿美元,然后将损失转嫁给纳税人!!!它’就像借钱赌博一样,将奖金从桌上拿走。然后在您损失大量时间后,纳税人将为您支付损失。它’s good 至 be a bank.

  • 这里’很多人都在泡菜。他们有工作,但也有很多债务。食物,水电,租金等。在月底,’还剩很多。然后,您会遇到意想不到的事情,例如汽车维修,b-day等…现在,由于此类事情往往会发生,因此’真的出乎我们的意料,因此应该为其预算。然而 …

    例如,当Sweet 16出现时会发生什么?没有’银行里的任何东西,但是这一天只会在您和您的孩子一生中发生一次。您可以’不要回头弥补它。您可以’不要伤心而不去庆祝,或者告诉他们你已经破产,看起来像个me脚的失败者,而你的雇主是’提供任何加班时间。即使它们是生活中的所有活动,’反正有很多时间要做更多的工作。



    • 杜德(PTD),您可能有兴趣。没有人丢给我任何生日聚会,我的确感到自己像个失败者。

      但是,我现在更像是一个失败者,因为我摆脱了自己长大的贫困,’t buy a lean-to in a crummy neighborhood because some jerk with cash will come along and buy it with priority. I grew up by the beach and my family owned their 首页 and we were BROKE. Fast forward 20 years –我拥有专业学位,收入可观,我可以’甚至不买公寓。部分原因在于我现在是自雇人士,融资困难,但是我’我很好,我不’想要9-5个奴隶的工作(即使我能找到一个!)我是PO’d我必须继续支付比抵押贷款还要多的租金,不能享受税收减免,而且我厌倦了住在别人那里’的财产,没有洗衣机/干衣机,也没有后院。一世’我今年要40岁了,我觉得到目前为止我一生都没什么可展示的,因为我从来没有买过房子’这些年来一直在努力。至少我今天的学费相对便宜’s kids don’t 有 that option …

      • 我为您提供一些建议。我可以’不能帮助您获得贷款购买房屋,但也许我可以为您指明一个方向,使您的生活条件得到改善。你说你是自雇人士。这意味着您至少可以在家中工作。这等同于立即征税。你不’就像不在家洗衣服一样。我在那条船上呆了很多年,所以我可以交往。我住的地方在90年代非常便宜,这是我很长一段时间以来第一次洗衣服。突然我遇到了人生危机,其中之一是’s给你施加压力。一位导师建议我搬到一个更好的地方来缓解压力。是的我实际上搬到了一个大型公寓大楼。然而,这个地方的洗衣地点很方便,并且是最令人难以置信的院子,院子里种着松树,草,烤架,游泳池和按摩浴缸。我把租金提高了40%(记得便宜一点),但我很高兴。当我需要再次搬家时,我希望通勤时间短,公共交通便利,第二间卧室,步行范围内的当地商店,市值租金和良好的社区。我努力地搜索并找到了一个好地方。希望您能得到我的建议。计划您想要的,也许是SFR。准备预算,租房者履历并开始寻找新的“home”。坚持满足您80%的需求。租用时协商条款。您的简历,参考资料和信用将有所帮助。相信我,这是值得的

  • 您认为被称为政治家的卑鄙的人知道吗?被称为银行家的亚人类怎么样?当然,他们做到了,他们也在操纵社会,使每个人都成为奴隶,不要’相信,2005年生效的个人破产法的时机如何?


  • 我是你不了解的现象的一部分’t mention. It’是您的婴儿潮一代和年轻一代的混合体。我是没有’在疯狂时期买东西,在此之前,我住在日本,那时他们正处于疯狂状态,所以我不能’也不要在那里买。现在,我想过着小小的生活,并保持谨慎(实际上,已经阅读了您的博客),并且没有债务。我今年要看的每座房子都是由一个有一个或两个婴儿的年轻人所拥有,他们在过去10年中以豪华价格购买了这些房屋,因此它们可以以豪华价格卖给其他人,这些人被我委婉地形容为“不是初次购买者”。我被拒之门外。但是我年龄将近一半的人可以像国王一样生活。他们从哪里得到这笔钱?他们没有’在俄勒冈州波特兰市东南部赚取并保存在这里。这里的薪水不足以支撑加利福尼亚的房价。他们一定得到了我从未得到的父母的帮助。或者,在我们看过的卖空交易中(巨大的房屋,附属建筑,小鸡和一个孩子在一个之下),他们疯狂地加入其中,打算走开,把那一个扔给银行/纳税人。并非所有的临时工都应受到指责。并非所有的年轻人都是无辜的受害者。

    • 您 有 a point. 的re is a hugh personal moral dilemna going on as we speak.


      2)玩“the game”?违反规则‘do what you gotta do’为了活着?我的意思是说,要以不拘一格的心态来承担不合理的风险,知道您正在这样做。

      如果您诚实并过着正确的生活,是的,这感觉很好,但说实话,您的生活简直就是不尽其所能,并且“missing out”在更好的事情上。对我来说,如果您故意过着无聊的金钱生活,那么第二名便是盗窃和/或欺诈的舞台,您知道自己无法偿还。 (有关小额CC债务的问题)。但是,看看底线,如果人们撒谎或不撒谎是正确的,那么不管赚钱与否,人们都像国王一样生活。但是他们仍然“experiencing”这对那些赚钱的人来说是不公平的。

      这里’s the problem – Wall St and Washington are stealing 钱 and not getting punished. If your parents set certain examples for you in life, you will follow. 什么 does the population expect 至 happen when the leaders are corrupt theives? 的 population will do it as well, and not feel bad about it. I 有 friends like this.


      • 我们不再喝那些酒了



        罗伯特·伯恩斯(1759– 1796)

    • Oh yes I 有 2 friends that live in Cali, bought 首页s after they got married in 2005-2006, they don’没有好工作,省了多少钱,这是怎么发生的….. parents gave them the downpayment 钱. And since the PITI 原为 not 至 o much more than rent they could afford the jump buy they never accumulated a downpayment.

      现在我’m sure they are underwater, they cant save-never could, and are still living paycheck 至 paycheck and are in a huge negative 公平 position on their 首页s.

  • get ready for a massive sellers market in california soon. Nevada adopted nv 284 in legislature last fall. what has hapenned now is that banks cannot foreclose in nevada. what that has meant now this spring is we 有 3 weeks of inventory in vegas and losing 100-150 首页s per day off the market. No one is paying their mortgage and no one has 至 worry about it as they 有 no risk of getting foreclosed.
    加利福尼亚即将采用自己的AB 284版本–在60天内它将通过。准备好像2004年以来从未出现过的更多竞购战。在我剩余的少数REO列表中的拉斯维加斯,我得到的报价比我最近的bpo bvalue高25%。 e在美国真是太好了。真是一团糟!

  • “ARM的使用率低反映了这样的观念,即利率是最低点,人们需要在事情发生之前锁定。” So what happens 至 首页 prices when those rates start trending up? 首页 prices will continue 至 trend lower in mid and high-tier areas and then remain suppressed for years 至 come. 的 only thing people are “locking in” 至 day is what’s still a very high price for a 首页 in Southern California.

  • 因此打破了流血原则,我可能会在一些华尔街犯罪中尝试将自己卖掉,作为堕落的家伙。

  • 从Surfaddict



  • It’s a sad state of affairs for California and the rest of the country. When 首页 prices are finally affordable in some parts of the country, there are no jobs. However, SOMEONE made out by selling high and buying low so that 钱 must re-enter the economy somehow. It will take time and the country will need 至 rebalance, maybe at a lower economic 情况 than we’重新习惯,但它会发生。

  • 我们已经保存并等待价格下跌,但它们仍然
    Woddland Hills area. 我不’t “have”住在南边
    文图拉大道。从我身上’m reading it’所有的现金买家,没有

    • 无债务
      I hear ya, and so does 爸爸要. In 1998 we bought an almost 4,000 st ft 首页 in east Ventura County. Fireplace in master, built in refridge, Beverly Hills circular stairs, and a view of Thousand Oaks from 6 rooms and a deck. Truly a knock out 首页. We PAID $400K on a high hh income. 的 economy 原为 semi-normal back then. Fastforward 至 the down trend on this side of the bubble. A dump is $400K and the economy is in shambles.

      We’re in the same boat as you and the rest of the posters. We are paying cash, and the FHA idiots will overbid us. 的y are the future walk-aways. 什么 a freak’在噩梦中。 PapToBe现场。这是我们的时间’不回来。糟透了

      Add our eye disease issue, and a paid off 首页 will keep us from being 首页less.

    • It’s called Metrolink, you can buy a place in Santa Clarita, take the train 至 Union Station (sleep on the way) leave a beater commuter car in a parking lot overnight downtown. 的n drive 至 work against traffic. Sleeping and a fast drive 至 work is about the best thing 我可以 offer you.

      我住在市区,在高速公路上上班。在高峰时间以错误的方式观看其他绵羊的模糊,这是一种缓解压力的方法。如果您只算不这样做的人,我就是百分之一的人’坐在交通上班。这是一个非常独特的俱乐部。你们谁也不能加入,破坏我的乐趣。好吧,也许你们几个’ it.

  • TPTB希望您和需要您在他们的系统中,这是他们生存所必需的。借款人是贷方的奴隶!

    It’显而易见,政府希望节省现金并拥有数字货币。通货膨胀要容易得多,跟踪也要容易得多。如果你’曾经与一个邪恶或善变的人打交道,你知道在这个世界上,与与一个“doesn’t give a ****”。想一想。一无所有的人没有感情,没有羞耻,没有罪恶感,我们的体系建立在诚实和正直的基础上。它依赖于关心您的FICO并想做正确的事。当您与触底的人打交道时,您将无法沉迷于他们的水平,他们知道这一点。最糟糕的是,有人不愿支付账单,而债权人和抵押的威胁毫无用处。这就是为什么现钞社会对政府很危险的原因:如果有人现在向BK提出信用要求,但信用度很差,但是有能力在地下经济中使用现金来生活和支付账单,那么过去的债务收款将变得毫无用处。但是,如果货币全是数字的,那就无可避免。奴隶将永远被毁,直到他们的债务还清为止。

    • 哇,偏执太多?我同意不欠债,但是WOW拖累了电子形式的储钱方式。我猜–你也投资黄金吗?

      • Alex 乔恩es,Gerald Celente,Karl Denninger和MiSh是我的财务导师。到现在为止还挺好。

  • I am amazed by all the comments about how mad people are that they cannot buy a house. In a short period in America, 首页ownership 原为 great, but now it is questionable. Nothing is secure now, not jobs, not family, etc. and this is the new norm, all marriages 50% or more lead 至 divorce (end of house) it takes two incomes now 至 just survive, if one loses their job, oops (end of house) If one gets sick, WoW high medical bills (end of house) If one dies (end of house) EVEN if a married couple stays married, raises kids and stays in the same house and it is paid off, and one spouse dies and the other is in their 80’s well, high cost of care for them (old folks 首页) well gotta sell the house, so we can put Granny in the 首页. In the End Game, no 首页 left. 的 smartest cultures are the ones that go against the system, and the house stays in the family. 的y stayed married, Grandparents live with family, family takes care of elders and property gets passed down. 的y WIN in the End.

  • How the housing 公平 stripping ponzi scheme 原为 done in 2 sentences. It’s done like this:

    那’s it. 那’s how it is done. It’s good 至 be a bank.

  • 贝克斯菲尔德曼

    How long is this goverment induced bubble going 至 last? I just about 有 enough cash 至 purchase a 首页, but theres no inventory. I refuse 至 get into bidding wars for a property that is over-priced anyway. I live in Bakersfield, Ca and just about every decent house is 待定. Any ideas if this goverment induced mess is going 至 inflate 首页 prices 至 05 / 06 price levels? In the three month house prices 有 risen by at least 25%. How high can it go and will when it stop, another 5 years?

    • 兄弟,我在库存部分听到了。那里什么都没有。但是价值上升?除了圣马力诺,布伦特伍德等富裕地区以外,所有数据和统计数据均指向仍在下降的值。一世’我什么也没听到,我也无法想象为什么,贝克斯菲尔德的房价会上涨。和我’我没有敲Bak-o,我自己喜欢内陆帝国,而Bak-o就像IE。土地很热,很远。价格没有理由上涨。

      在这个论坛和网上的其他网站上花费足够的时间,您将开始看到几十年来价格一直没有达到伪造的05/06高峰。没有任何支持基础!短篇故事– interest rates and taxes 有 nowhere 至 go but up in the future, and that will most likely be sooner rather than later. Although they are good at kicking the can. Wages are depressed as well. Older baby boomers will want 至 sell their 首页s, but graduating students will 有 no 钱 至 buy as wages are low and 助学贷款 payments suck up all their income.



    • 我不’不知道价格是否会上涨至05/06的水平,但是在洛杉矶东北部,过去几个月的价格一直在上涨(洛杉矶时报)。增长毫无意义,但正在发生。一世’m sure we’如果这种胡言乱语继续下去,很快就会开始看到竞标之战。

  • 这个住房市场也正在困扰我。但是,为什么任何有主见的人都认为政府可以阻止市场回落至均衡状态?他们是否真的阻止了所有国王的马匹和国王的士兵们的步伐?我们是否忘记了2009年,2010年,2011年等所谓的虚假谷底?我认为我们都可以同意“房地产市场”的规模实在太大,即使是实力雄厚的盎司也无法控制长期发展。我敢肯定,如果我们从现在起回首十年,将会看到稳步下降的趋势出现了一些短暂现象。我暂时没有问题,可以租漂亮的房子。如果在经济上可行,我会考虑购买房屋,但短期内,我将保留自己的现金/自由并享受乘车之旅...

  • Like so many others, I also 至 ok a financial hit on housing through a different investment vehicle. In late 2003 it 原为 becoming obvious that house prices were escalating at an unsustainable rate. Naively believing that Greenspan had at least a tiny bit of integrity and honestly, it seemed logical that the Fed would begin 至 slowly ratchet up long term interest rates and begin 至 put a lid on the rapid price increases.

    I laid in a number of short positions (betting rates would go up) on the 30 year bond and 至 ok a beating. 的 Fed has a huge staff of economic experts, they absolutely knew that housing 原为 spiraling out of control. 的y let it happen because they are handmaidens 至 the incredibily corrupt financial institutions. 的 US is 至 tally screwed until we 有 a complete purging of the Fed, Treasury, and FIRE industry.

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