Affordability is the name of the game when it comes 至 a sustainable housing 市场.  Nationwide the US is witnessing home prices come 在 line with local area 在 comes.  In fact, many 加利福尼亚地区 are also seeing this occur.  Yet the mid-tier and upper-tier 市场s still have correcting 至 do.  In these 市场s the game can only go on if the perception of endless appreciation is part of the buying equation.  In a mid-tier 市场 like 亨廷顿海滩 there are many homes that are overpriced and are correcting lower.  This isn’t simply occurring at the low-end of the 市场 but with 百万美元的房屋.  Today we examine a million dollar 卖空亨廷顿海滩.



6612 Doral Dr,亨廷顿比奇,CA 92648



在这个价格范围内,对这样的房屋有很大的需求吗?很难说,但这个地方现在是众多地方之一 卖空 hitting the OC 市场.  This home was purchased 在 the 1990s and had a lot of mortgaging activity during the 2000s.  This place is now a pre-foreclosure even though there was an attempt 至 sell this place 在 2010:


$1,799,000 was the 在 itial list price?  After chopping prices lower for nearly a year, the listing was taken off the 市场.  The price seemed 至 edge close 至 the loans outstanding on this property.  Now the lenders realize that they need 至 make the place move.  The current list price is $1,295,000.  Will this place sell near this price range?  It should be obvious that chopping prices lower and agreeing 至 卖空 on 百万美元的房屋 isn’t a sign that the housing 市场 is healthy.

The 亨廷顿海滩 housing 市场

Let us take a look at the current housing 市场 在 亨廷顿海滩:


This home was recently listed and came out of the giant “distressed properties not on the MLS” pipeline.  Some think that only bottom of the barrel properties are part of the 影子库存.  那 is clearly not the case.  Roughly 25 REOs are listed on the MLS while 187 卖空 are on the 市场 (representing 32 percent of all visible 在 ventory).  Of course the 影子库存 胜过所有其他类别。



If 您 think the massive jump 在 sales is occurring because of extremely wealthy households think again:


中位数收入(家庭住户2010年):$ 86,925












Do 您 have enough wealthy households willing 至 pay high prices for homes 在 亨廷顿海滩?  The answer is clearly no because 您 have a pipeline of homes 在 the foreclosure process that is larger than all visible 在 ventory.  Next 至 that, 您 have a 好 number of visible MLS properties being sold for less than the 至 tal current mortgage balance.  While price metrics make sense 在 many other 市场s across the US 亨廷顿海滩 is still a 市场 that is showing 在 flated prices.

你喜欢这个职位吗?订阅Housing Bubble博士的博客可获取最新的住房评论,分析和信息。

你喜欢这个职位吗?订阅Housing Bubble医生的博客以获取最新的住房评论,分析和信息

68个回答 至 “数百万美元的卖空交易–亨廷顿海滩的销售激增,而苦恼的库存泄漏到MLS中。”

  • We have been waiting 至 buy a house since 2007. All we want is just a house with at least 3 bedrooms 在 a 好 school district 在 Los Angeles. It seems like an impossible dream 至 us because the price is still ridiculously high. We were looking 在 less than 500k range and now are looking for 700k but still no luck. It’s either 700k with only 2 bedrooms distress houses or 600k house 在 a not so 好 area. Seriously, why would I pay 700k for a distress house? 那 is ridiculous.

    更荒谬的是,自从如今以来,我们最近一直试图获得批准,因为如今,没有代理商甚至不想浪费时间向您展示房屋,前提是他们知道您有住房’一人。我们做到了。令我们惊讶的是,抵押经纪人告诉我们,如果我们有20%的首付,我们甚至有资格获得一百万美元的房子。通常我们的总薪资约为18万–20万。但是由于我去年因怀孕休假了将近5个月,因此去年的收入仅为16万。今年我丈夫刚换了工作,所以当经纪人要工资单和当日收入时,我丈夫只提交了自三月以来的工资,因为他只是懒散地花时间从上一家公司挖来一月至三月的工资单。 。因此,经纪人认为我们的年收入仅为15万。并且基于15万,他们预先批准了80万的贷款!!我认为这很荒谬,’s为什么房价仍然高于我们的承受能力。根据15万的年薪计算80万,’是年收入的5倍以上。更不用说PMI此类贷款的金额将超过500美元。我的一位同事刚刚获得了其40万年收入的至少7至8倍的批准。我知道他4年前的年薪是5万’仍然与同一位雇主在没有晋升或其他任何形式的情况下。


    • Can 您 change 您r handle? I have been using this for some time.

    • 布兰克芬勋爵

      什么?, I agree home prices are fucked up here 在 California. However, this will be a picnic compared 至 what is happening 在 the NYC metro area. See attached link with presentation from Keith Jurow. If there is anyway 至 short the NYC real estate 市场, let me know.


      The 市场 在 California will be 在 shambles for years 至 come. Yes, there is currently a frenzy but I would bet this is just another head fake. The fundamentals all point 至 more downward pressure. It’s frustrating 至 be a potential buyer right now, but 您’几年后可能会以相同或更少的价格购买同一所房子。

    • 我认为洛杉矶县,尤其是中上等收入地区的旧式单户住宅价格过高,并且将继续保持溢价。问题在于,洛杉矶县富裕/良好学校地区的许多房屋是在半个世纪(或更早)之前建造的,其中许多房屋是由原始所有者拥有或以某种形式的家庭信托拥有的。

      那 means that these homes are ‘protected’ by Proposition 13, which restricts the 财产税 在 creases assessed 至 those particular properties. It is not unheard of (actually fairly common) 至 have a house that has a current 市场 value of $700k 至 be paying an annual 财产税 of less than $1,000. In contrast, the neighbor down the street who recently purchased a 至 wnhome for $350k is paying over $4,000 per year 在 财产税es.

      现在结合我们今天的低利率,“old 钱 ” homeowners who benefit immensely from proposition 13 can now refinance with sub 4% rates. This leads 至 a major disincentive 至 sell, further restricting the supply of homes 在 the 市场. This is why we have neighborhoods like west hollywood with fixer SFRs listed for close 至 a million dollars yet the average 在 come 在 the area does not come close 至 being abe 至 afford something like this.

      With that said, IMHO newer neighborhoods with 好 schools such as those found 在 Orange County appear 至 be a better value than say, Arcadia or South Pasadena (both 在 LA county) because OC neighborhoods were developed later (especially the 949 area code neighborhoods) and thus less sheltered from ancient 财产税 assessments.

      Good luck 在 您r search

      • 布兰克芬勋爵

        Calculatedcondo,我最近去拜访了几年前在Palos Verdes购买的朋友。他提到与他相邻的几乎所有邻居都是原始所有者或长期所有者(超过30年)。帕洛斯·维德斯(Palos Verdes)恰恰是第13号提案对理想地区所做的不正确的例子。这些人中的许多人要么会死于家中,要么会仅仅因为他们获得的财产税减免而将其赠予继承人。我们称他们为“Prop 13 bandits.” Prop 13 has helped distort certain CA real estate 市场 在 a BIG way. There will come a time 在 the future when the people who benefitted most from Prop 13 are no longer the majority of the voting block. We can only hope this unfair, discriminatory law gets overturned!

      • 布兰克芬勋爵

        I got a 好 laugh at the last sentence “Prop. 13 救d California’s public schools from ruination.” Huh, California’自提案13生效以来,公立学校的制度已从最佳走向最坏。它’很难反驳这一点。

        本文的作用’触及的是提案13的意外结果。本质上将未来的买家拒之门外,吸引了许多理想的CA地点…mostly due 至 Prop 13. Either 您 were born at the right time or 您 weren’t. 那 POS needs 至 be overhauled 在 a major way!

      • 支柱13不’死于30年的老板提案13的收益可以通过多种方式转移给其他方甚至财产。典型的情况是,父母在房屋中居住数十年,而Prop 13评估价值很低,他会去世并将房屋留给孩子。支柱13的值也可以转移给孩子。

      • 如果我天真,请原谅我,但我不理解你的论点。如果您暗示这些房屋的所有者拥有50年并缴纳低税,我就会明白。考虑到一般的抵押期限为30年,他们可能会因为缺乏抵押而受益。我之所以这样说,是因为50年前买房的人不太可能仍从事全职工作,并且不太可能以4%的比例获得当前抵押贷款。 4%和4%以下的抵押贷款使较高的房价受益,因为金钱成本将为您支付更多的房屋费用。麻烦来自您对Palos Verde等地区百万美元房屋价值的评论。如果您想象中的公寓业主在一个350K的物业上支付4,000,您的PV房屋新所有者将支付什么?还多一点。顺便说一下,PV一直是稍微高于中位数的高端社区。我不’不能接受你的论点。但是正如我说的,请告诉我可能要去的地方。

      • 布兰克芬勋爵

        怀德,我不’认为我理解你的论点。一世 ’我不要求这些长期的所有者进行抵押。一世’m要求当一个完全相同的物业的新买家支付超过10K的税款时,他们每年要支付超过2K的物业税。是的,其中许多人已经退休,将不再工作。但是,当我在每条车道上看到高端豪华车时,’认为其中很多人都在为钱而伤。我的全部论点是,提案13严重扭曲了某些地区的房地产价值(帕洛斯·韦尔德斯就是一个很好的例子)。如果您不同意那句话,我’d想听听你的论点…

    • Keep Looking, there is hope. My wife and I were 在 the same boat as 您, same 在 come same price range.

      我们在帕萨迪纳发现3 br / 2 br的价格为455k,但我们不得不下沉约20k,因为它先前是由a积者所有的。

      You can find it, 您 just can’不要挂在准备好的或主要的优质社区中。仅仅寻找一所体面的学校可能是一个问题,但这就是包机和磁石学校的目的。

      • …and 在 Pasadena 您 have 至 drop another 15-20K a year for private school since the public ones are a no-no.

  • 如果我们只能以高价卖出一个,我们可以说我们that积的所有这些都值得我们说他们是我们的’仍然具有偿付能力,并没有真正破产。然后,我们可以像皇室成员一样支付自己的费用,并收集下一张奖金支票。听起来像是个计划。

  • 我认为数字回答了这个问题。该房屋最初以$ 781,500的价格售出,18年后以$ 1,295,000的价格卖空。这说明了实际发生的事情。我们都听说过,过去20至30年中实际工资一直停滞不前。这些人维持生活水平的方式是依靠他们的住房增值和停滞的工资生活。这就是我不相信当前住房假货的原因。我们需要工资开始实际增长,或者需要住房开始实际增长,或者需要其他一些新的收入来源来维持当前的生活水平。数学是数学,但仍然行不通...

  • 越来越多的空头交易出现在洛杉矶西区。布伦特伍德,比佛利山庄,马里布,贝莱尔航空和太平洋帕利塞德斯现在都看到空薪,而五年前,这简直就是白日梦。陷入困境的房产现在达到了中档,并逐渐攀升至高端。


    • 真正。我们生活在布伦特伍德(Brentwood),有很多待售商品,有很多是卖空商品。问题是房屋价格仍然过高,并且继续坐下来。在我们附近,出售的房屋大多数都是现金,大多数是波斯买家。

    • 为什么要关闭博客?

  • 我想知道HB中的这些遇险财产何时拖欠债务。.说HB中的每个人都停止同时付款,所有财产一起陷入困境。’有点难以吞咽。

    我相信买主和卖主受银行的摆布。今天的银行已经选择HB作为他们的区域。明天,可能是其他一些区域。’t have enough properties on the 市场 and certain areas have a whole bunch of them .. sounds like selective manipulation 至 me..

  • I have friends and clients that our out shopping and saying they are up against foreign 现金买家, 投资人 and they come up last. As much as I am 至 ld 至 spread the word that the 市场 is taking off, I refer people 至 DHB. Those that read this seem 至 be the only people looking at facts. Tell everyone 至 read DHB, post and share these 文章 s. Facts, 在 come and time are what will correct the 市场.

  • 关于此博客的令人敬畏的事情之一是DHB对现有事实提供细微差别的方式,以帮助理解这种疯狂:

    “Do 您 have enough wealthy households willing 至 pay high prices for homes 在 亨廷顿海滩? The answer is clearly no because 您 have a pipeline of homes 在 the foreclosure process that is larger than all visible 在 ventory.”



  • I think that the way 至 think about this is 至 consider the mechanics of price appreciation during the bubble years. During the bubble, wealthy people did not suddenly have more wealth and start bidding up the price of each others houses. What happened was that low and middle 在 come people suddenly had more access 至 cheap financing and they started bidding up the price of each others houses. The 在 crease 在 housing prices at the low end then pushed prices higher at the upper end. At the margin, that funding effected prices all the way up the scale. Price momentum then became self perpetuating throughout the 市场.

    当泡沫资金消失时,“property ladder”或多或少地呆在原地,因为富人或穷人’不想相信他们的房子已经失去了价值。贫困和中等收入人群没有’t have the 在 come 至 sustain their 债务 and that end of the 市场 quickly lost up 至 60% of the bubble values but wealthy people did and do have the ability 至 sustain their 债务 burden (or, rather, have that ability 至 a greater extent). 那 made the “property ladder”陡峭。这样您现在就可以为每个值增量支付更多的费用。例如,一间额外的卧室或浴室可能要多花100,000美元,而过去通常要多花30,000美元。一种“good”邻里有超过附近20%的优势“bad”邻域,现在的最高比例是50%,依此类推。

    那 is why “What?” is frustrated. She wants three beds 在 a 好 area. What she sees is prices which are maybe 15%-20% down from the peak 在 stead of 40% or 60% she reads about. She can get what she wants by taking a “financial risk” (ie, paying more than she can really afford) but does know if she can trust the 市场 至 give her a stable price. The question is “那些中高端产品到更高产品性能又要下降20%-40%。从逻辑上讲,我认为答案一定是“yes”但是逻辑和住宅房地产价格已经断开很长时间了,谁知道它们是否会重新建立联系。

    • “That is why “What?” is frustrated. She wants three beds 在 a 好 area. What she sees is prices which are maybe 15%-20% down from the peak 在 stead of 40% or 60% she reads about.”

      This provides a 好 basis for talking about the effect of the 在 credibly low 在 terest rates on the 至 tal equation. Most people borrow a huge percentage of the purchase price of their home, so 在 terest rates play a huge role 在 affordability. The massive drop 在 在 terest rates from the peak price era 至 至 day equates 至 a 25% drop 在 price – aka 您r payment on $1 mil 至 day at current rates = 您r payment on $750K at peak at higher rates. So although nominal prices 在 some of the stickier areas may only be down 15-20%, when 您 factor 在 the impact of current 在 terest rates 您 are looking at prices 在 real terms down 在 the 40-45% range. 那 is significant.

      I am not cheerleading the 市场 and saying now is the time 至 buy, but I am saying 您 cannot ignore the significant impact of 至 day’的利率以及对估值的影响。房价可能会下降甚至更多,名义价格也可能下降,但现在我认为,对于粘性较高地区的大量抵押房地产,我们实际看到总体下降了40-50%。

      • 我认为,人为的低利率会鼓励人们以便宜的钱来进行投机,而不仅仅是根据等价的每月支出来比较价格变化。

      • Yes, a reduction 在 在 terest rates reduces the cost of (financed) housing while supporting its price. The specific problem we are discussing, however, is the amount of price distortion 在 the real estate 市场. Presumably, a time will come when 在 terest rates return 至 more normal levels. Assuming 您 are correct regarding the amount of support given 至 the 市场 by lower rates, the 20% 至 40% drop I suggested will be 40% 至 45% (assuming current buying is based entirely on the monthly nut). Does it make sense for “What?” 至 buy now and “save”(可抵扣税)融资,之后再将房产价值降低40%?

      • The sensible decision for 什么? appears 至 be 至 either move 至 an area they can afford or rent a property that suits their needs (assuming they can afford the rent).

        We are already 5 years 在 to this unraveling and many of the best areas are still very expensive. There is an 在 credible amount of 市场 manipulation going on and there is no end 在 sight. Low 在 terest rates are unlikely 至 sharply rise anytime soon. The 市场 (in the better areas) is unlikely 至 be absolutely flooded by REOs as many have wished for.

        我的观察结果是,更好的区域实际上比高峰下降了40-45%,这是在激发人们思考,直到有人拉动触发器,峰顶才会有多少折扣。 40-45%并非无关紧要。


  • 别无所作为,银行家们通过操纵利率来吃饱我们的血汗钱:

  • 我认为bmcburney对此是正确的。例如,在2000年,西区的房价为$ 350,000,而洛杉矶市中心的房价为$ 250,000,但现在’更像是$ 900,000:$ 350,000。

    • 那’是的。同时,社区’静态它们像社会上的其他一切事物一样不断发展和变化。某些社区在20年前被称为“可靠的社区”(例如Brentwood,Beverly Hills,Manhattan Beach),而其他社区则没有’t。在过去的20到30年中,一些社区已经发展成为更好,更安全,更令人向往的更好的学校飞地(圣莫尼卡,雷东多海滩,埃莫萨海滩,托兰斯,西洛杉矶等)。这些领域已经发展。其他地区(帕尔姆斯,圣佩德罗,亨廷顿海滩(?)等)则失去了希望或保持不变。因此,新的现实是我们可以’我们不妨查看圣塔莫尼卡(Santa Monica)等某些地区的2000年数据,并希望它们与2000年以来的相对指标保持一致。’s a new era!


      • 布伦特伍德,比佛利山庄,曼哈顿海滩在90年代初至中期遭受重创


        When 您 state EVOLVED, do 您 mean gentrification? Yes, these areas have much less trashy middle and lower class folks and much more affluent professionals.

  • 我认为我的一些家庭成员将在泰国退休。钱在那边漫不经心。我们知道有人住在曼谷,每月收入600美元。他离开了洛杉矶,因为那太贵了。对不起,我不知道,

  • 好,我们’在深渊“highest and best”文图拉县的多重优惠住房地狱。我们在第一轮中超过了名单,然后又上升到了“highest and best” final counter. 那’就这样,对我们辛苦赚来的面团的勒索已经结束。

    We’re a cash &坦白说,这所房子是个修理工。标价是一个令人鼓舞的事情,更不用说我们的报价了。’星期五之前知道。 7个报价,但上市代理人不会告诉任何人她有多少反对。 F&国王疯狂是一种轻描淡写的说法。

    We had met 您nger folks who are waiving their 在 spection. Brain dead!

  • 泰国不是’这是大多数人的选择。与美国相比’s 热, sticky, dangerous, and does not have the same level of education and medical care. So enjoy.

    我认为它’s wishful thinking for us 至 see any more huge price drops 在 the mid and high end 市场, there’s just not that many nice homes for sale. The house 在 this picture looks really nice compared 至 what else is on the 市场 在 the low million dollar range.

    It is true there are a lot of 现金买家 在 Los Angeles as its a very wealthy city. Stop thinking about how expensive homes are and spend 您r time focusing on how 您 can make more 钱 .

    • 布兰克芬勋爵

      肖恩I completely disagree with 您r statement about wishful thinking that high end properties won’不要再下降了。这对于中层可能是正确的…anything 在 volving a government backed loan up 至 729K. The higher 您 go above that number, the more price erosion will take place. Some of the fortress areas will be safe, but when 您 start venturing out from them…look out below.

      We are seeing frustrating examples of people trying 至 buy 500K homes 在 decent areas. There is lots of competition. The 800K and up 市场 will be the sweet spot 在 the future if can afford it.

      • 亲爱的主,


        在南加州,收入不’t the only demographic 您 need 至 check as there are a lot of people who are cash rich. Many people 在 SoCal are business owners. They take a small 在 come. But they can distribute a large chunk of 钱 至 themselves when needed.


      • 这可能在我们的一生中都不会发生,但是如果政府无法将其难以置信的,不断飙升的债务维持在接近零利率的水平,并且抵押贷款利率恢复为历史标准,这将使房价大幅下跌。

    • 那’真的很有趣,因为它’西棕榈滩市市长在2005年的一次演讲中谈到了该地区的COL,几乎完全相同的建议,特别是在住房成本方面— something along the lines of: Quite bellyaching and get a second job if 您 have 至 !

      • 好吧我’m saying this post bubble. So if 您 can’t afford it now and maybe 您 are not cut out 至 be a home owner. 家 ownership is not an entitlement. If 您 can’t afford it, rent.

        In life some 好 advice is 至 focus on the things 您 can change. You can’t quickly change housing prices, but 您 can change 您r 在 come. So 在 stead of complaining about house prices focus on how 您 can earn more 钱 . Yes I know easier said than done. 但是我’m sure it’s a lot easier 至 control 您r 在 come than it is 至 move prices 在 the huge housing 市场.

      • 我一年赚不了150(减去奖金)…我可能不会总是赚那么多,或者我可能会赚更多。我不’t know. I think I’m pretty well qualified for a house of my desire if we had something like a level playing field. If 您’re neither a filthy liar or 至 tally deluded, then 您 would concur that the PTB are trying like mad 至 prop up the housing 市场, and if they were not doing, it would have corrected past the mean ages ago. Probably 2009.


        Frankly, 我不’t think anyone should have 至 rent, as 我不’不要仅仅因为一个人已经在一块土地上行动,就将一个人看成是另一个人的观念。

    • 先生,你错了。泰国是安全的,优良的医​​疗保健。只是问问成千上万的外籍人士是谁。我又热又粘’ll give 您. Chiangmei 在 the north is cooler, and is home 至 people from all over the world. I think caution may be needed 在 Myanmar and Laos, but Thailand is very cosmopolitan.

      • 你懂…you’re probably a nice enough gal. A bespectacled liberal librarian I bet, with a wholesome upbringing and a cushiony life. Probably got an artistic side or a spouse with one. I know 您r bunch, and it’s a likeable enough bunch. However, if 您 think chasing off 至 a glorified third world country for some cheap Gang Dang is a realistic way 至 escape the crunch, then 您’不是很多美国人。我们都必须团结起来,反对使美国生活方式成为嘲弄的骗子和太监。

  • 肖恩“the U.S. has better medical care and education? What planet have 您 been on ? You need 至 travel more or at least read more about other countries. The U.S. has dramatically declined on both education and healthcare. Just 至 talk about health care, there are now professional consultants who advise and research for the best and most affordable healthcare 至 consumers, most of these are out of the U.S. Turn 您r boob tube off man. And the myth about 好 schools? People, please research and read Elizabeth Warren’她所做的研究“good school areas” It is a myth, buying a home 在 a 好 school district is a con 至 the public. Do 您r research!!

    • 究竟。为什么在美国有这么多人出国求医?伊丽莎白·沃伦(Elizabeth Warren)的《 POTUS》!

      • 布兰克芬勋爵

        甜。美国第一任美国总统。这个国家热爱多样性。 --

      • 成本。一世’ve never heard anyone say I want 至 go 至 India 至 get a heart bypass. When 您 need treatment 您 need treatment now and 在 the US many hospitals are equipped 至 handle complicated urgent care. Good luck finding this 在 remote areas of thailand.

        You think they have 911 and life flight helicopters 至 come pick 您 up? LOL.

      • Elizabeth Warren is a warmonger. Do 您r research!

    • Regardless of whether 您r points have any merit, but using a source like “Fauxahantas”真是荒谬。现在我们’在这里再次看到过去的奖学金被公开–更不用说她的阶级战争言论是虚伪的,因为沃伦女士是一个多面手。– millionnaire who’一生中从未在私营部门工作过。下次再努力。

    • The united states has excellent healthcare as long as 您 have 在 surance. People from Canada come down 至 the US 至 get treatment. Why people go 至 other countries? It’s cheaper for elective surgery and 您 can get organs that they don’不允许在没有大量等待名单的情况下进行。它’关于供求关系的不仅仅是医疗质量。

      至于教育,我’m talking about university level education. In general we have a very 好 college education system. 那’这就是为什么来自世界各地的人们前往美国接受教育。

      As for elementary, middle, and high schools, 是 they’一团糟。但这更多与父母不参与孩子有关’的教育和教师的素质。那里’还有更多的贡献因素,而不仅仅是教师和书籍。


      • 美国已经发展成为宪法曾经限制政府的国家’政权不再这样做,在这里政治家与公司利益合作,抢劫人民以盲目地支持自己的权力,在那儿,警察国家甚至放弃了对其公民最脆弱的保护,而政治上有关联的法律却无视法律。

        我们从小就相信的美国已经过去,这就是为什么我们许多人想离开的原因。但是仅仅因为这个地方现在是一个完全腐败的警察州,并不能’并不意味着我们将去其他任何地狱–而且移民到另一个国家比找到工作更困难,因为赢得了许多理想的地点’t let 您 move there. So we’曾经停留在这个地方,曾经是自由,成功和创新的典范,现在却陷入了政府扩张,腐败和裙带关系的泥潭。

      • 肖恩plenty of people go 至 India and Thailand 至 get very complex medical procedures done-it is called medical 至 urism.

        The Indian Government just announced it is giving free generic drugs 至 all its poor-that 在 cludes cancer, HIV, diabetes. You think 您 cna get that here?


      • 吉姆和卡博伊
        美国的惨淡景象。伤心。我不 ’t know at any point 在 history where the rulling class made life easy for everyone. I see that I continue 至 have a 好 life even with the corrupt government and evil corporations. Sure I would like 至 see a perfectly fair and just society, but I have a life 至 live 至 o.


      • ok and 您 all will want 至 leave we are global now people will live anywhere its safe affodable

  • the 市场s are designed 至 make suckers of the greatest number of people and 75 percent house 债务 ors seems about right rumor has it, but the bailed out fractional reserve bank system that prints up on average 38 债务 dollars foR every dollar borrowed that compete equally with every dollar of savings and bid against savings 在 the buying processes being bailed out makes high prices a welfare type payment if they can be sold, but 纾困 prevents the destruction of those competition from those 38 extra dollars and prevents the unmanipulated value from being the last highest sold price devided by 38 …………………。难以想象的事情,基于金融债务的美元体系的改变…………….

  • 以计算condo。

    拥有数十年历史的中等价位房屋的确如此。我母亲在圣塔莫尼卡的蒙大拿大道以北继承了一套3房1房的房子。父亲和母亲于1950年中期在这里购买了它’s为$ 16K。当前征税的财产约为$ 2K。今天的标价约为160万美元…难道这不告诉我,新业主将每年支付大约15,000美元的道具税吗?无论如何,如果母亲要死,似乎我们面临两件事。遗产税是超过100万美元的所有物品的55%(约占1/2百万美元的55%)或母亲‘gifts’我的房子,这意味着洛杉矶县评估人员会进来,每年向我征收15,000美元的税款…。任何熟悉继承与赠与安排的人都欢迎答复和感谢。

    • 布兰克芬勋爵

      丹尼尔 , if the house gets gifted 至 您 (parent 至 child), I think the Prop 13 tax basis stays the same. Here is an excerpt from an 文章 regarding this (look on pg.2):


      “此外,父母与子女之间的转移享有更有限的排斥:个人可以将其主要住所(不论其价值)以及不超过$ 1,000,000(总计)其他财产的总和转移给父母或子女,而不会触发重新评估。”

      Sounds like 您 can retain the 2K 财产税 bill. Some new schmuck would likely be paying close 至 18-20K per year 在 财产税es if the house is 在 deed worth 1.6M. Congratulations, 您 won the lottery!

  • If 您 really want a house…overbid it 在 those low 在 ventory multiple offer areas. When the appraisal comes 在 way short. (which it will ) 您 can negotiate. If 您 tell em 您r all cash 您 can’t do this. Unable 至 finance due 至 dicrepency of appraisal and price will get 您 out of contract if they won’谈判。玩游戏。卖方很可能会意识到再赢一次’产生更好的结果,他们将不得不重新开始整个该死的列表/展示过程。

    • 那’相当赌博。如果评估是在询问时进行的(就像对这个人所做的那样)?


      另外,对于几套房屋,我们考虑购买“hot”低库存区域,如果我们想出价,我们必须同时删除贷款和评估意外费用’t about 至 do).

      • Remove those contingencies? 那’s crazy..
        我们确实尝试过赌博–过分地希望得到一个低评价,它没有’t work. The appraiser see 您r contract and he will just make up the right figure. In our case, the appraiser even made a mistake on the lot size, actual lot 2500, he used 5000 在 his formula, what the heck!
        The thing is if the bank knows 您 can afford, then their appraiser will just give that number, they are all 在 the same shoe, despite what they say.

      • 唐’t write checks 您 can’t cash! If 您 offer asking, or slightly above and beat out the competition, 您 gotta be prepared 至 pay it. All I’m saying is 您 get the property and a chance 至 get it at a lower price. If 您 go 在 low 您 will get outbid and 您 are done. Period. In Burbank there is no 在 ventory. If 您 don’t go 在 strong forget it. If 您 can’负担不起价格,去夏威夷度假,就算了。

      • 格里弄错了,对不起,哥们。自多德-弗兰克以来,银行可以’t choose appraisal personnel. It is an anonymous pick. Appraisers have no skin 在 the game. This is why it has been such a problem. 谷歌 it and 您’将会看到大量有关它的文章。不再灌篮!

      • Lastly, 您 ultimately have the contingency period 至 back out of the deal or get a substancial price reduction. Any home has “problems” that need fixing’!

  • 上帝帮助我们所有人…首先,自2007年以来我一直没有在寻找房子,因为那是徒劳的。任何挫败感都将归因于无法感知当前的环境并无法以能够带来收益的方式行动。签署30年的抵押贷款不会给我带来任何收益。银行系统将通过我的奴役而获得,但不是我。我不明白人们如何看待当前情况“market”并感到被排斥在外,因为他们不允许自己陷入终身奴役。你很沮丧,因为你可以’在您居住的墙壁上选择油漆?真?你一定是在开玩笑吧!这就是Madoff的工作方式。他只允许特别重要的人被骗。 e,只要我能把所有的钱都捐给麦道夫,我的生活就会好很多。这一定是世界末日….

    • 我一直都在粉刷公寓的墙壁。 400美元的押金远比损失30万美元的房屋税或1600万美元的房产税少得多。或每月450美元的协会费。或者….


  • 有趣。我看到Conejo山谷的牧草下降。 Conejo山谷中的一些房屋可容纳40万以下的房屋。现在,如果它们跌破30万,可能是一个底部?

    • 嗨,CABOY:’s Valley girl. Pleae let me know..Where 在 the Conejo Valley do 您 see prices 400K “OK” homes?

      • 你好山谷姑娘,
        I just searched on Redfin and Yahoo real estate and put 在 Thousand Oaks and searched max price of 500k. It pulled 在 a few below 400k and quite a few below 500k. I was as surprised as 您 . I am looking at buying, below 400k, is a risk I am willing 至 take-especially 在 that area. These are Single family homes.

        I was as surprised as 您 are, as during the peak, houses 在 the 在 land empire were selling for the same price. I haven’还没有联系经纪人,但我正在考虑这样做。我必须住在某个地方,而不是一间简陋的公寓,我可以住在家里以支付同样的费用。

      • Depends on 您r definition of “OK”。我住在许多较小的老式房屋(建在’70s) on the west side of T.O. (nice quiet neighborhood near schools/parks). Sizes range from 1200 至 1500 sqft. and recent prices from $380K 至 about $440K. If 您 can live with a small footprint then ~$400K certainly is available 在 T.O. If by “OK” 您 mean 2000+ sqft. then I agree that $400K 在 the Conejo would be difficult 至 find.

  • Compare the cost of a paid off home 至 the cost of 出租 . Taxes + maintenance versus the rent payment. Where I live, 出租 comes 在 last place by a 好 margin. Fast forward 至 when 您 are 70. Another month, another rent payment.

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