Examining the net worth of renters and 房主s: Most Americans stash their 财富 in home 公平. Many housing markets affordable, just not the area you are looking at.

The nation is undergoing a radical transformation where 出租 is currently outpacing 房主ship. The reasons are complex including the 多年的投资者狂欢进入单户住宅。自危机袭来以来 7,000,000多个房屋 have been lost due 至 the long and drawn out process of foreclosure. No need 至 worry since 投资人 picked up a solid portion of the slack here. Americans are notoriously bad savers and addicted 至 债务. For most, housing is a 被迫 savings account. This is why when net worth data is pushed out we find that 房主s clearly outperform renters. It is important however 至 keep in mind most of the net worth is tied up in 公平. That is, you will need 至 tap your home somehow 至 get the 钱 flowing out. This is how we end up with dumpster diving baby boomers scrounging the local Whole Foods for goodies while living in a 百万美元的废话棚. The hipster kids don’t seem 至 mind since they are now living with mom and dad, unable 至 afford the high rents in places like California. Yet housing overall does end up being a big 被迫 savings account and that is why the net worth figures between 房主s and renters are not even close. If anything, it adds more evidence 至 the feudal landlord nation we are witnessing.

Net worth – 房主s and renters

关于净资产的更深入的调查之一来自美联储。数据是全面的,显示了在净值方面对房主的明显胜利。实际上,作为一个国家,租房者比吃Kibbles'n Bits少一个薪水。但是,对于像旧金山这样的大多数家庭出租但您拥有大量高薪技术工人的地方来说,这并不能很清楚地描绘出这种情况。


renter versus 房主


I found this chart while browsing the NAR website. It looks like a clear cut case of 购买ing over 出租. For most of the nation, I would argue that this is true. People are simply poor savers especially in our hyper consumer driven economy. A home forces many into a hedge against 通货膨胀. I think it is important 至 look at the data closely as 好:

“(NAR) Data shows that median 房主s had nearly $200,000 in net worth or 36 times that of the median renter who had just over $5,000. The median value of 拥有ers’ homes was $170,000.”

您 get that? In essence, the bulk of net worth of 房主s is tied up with their home. This doesn’t really help in retirement when you need a stream of income from somewhere. If you 拥有 a rental, then yes, you have an investment throwing off cash. But if you live in a crap shack you are actually spending 钱 without cash coming in. 您 still need 至 pay for maintenance, taxes, and insurance.

What this chart shows more than anything is that housing has been a useful 被迫 savings account for many Americans. With 投资人 crowding out regular 购买ers, you lose the one vehicle where Americans have consistently been able 至 build 财富. In other words, welcome 至 租国和封建地主的美国.

有了这些数据,这是否意味着您应该花费 700,000美元用于建造一个小型石膏板天堂?否。请记住 美国房屋中位数为222,900美元. Most of the country is affordable with low interest rates. But in many areas, 购买ing a home is not a clear decision especially given current price tags. 您 have opportunity costs 至 factor into your decision and people in places like San Francisco, L.A., or Orange County have other motivating factors: investing difference of 拥有ing and 出租, affordability, and availability of properties.


房屋所有权在许多方面都很有意义。但是,在许多市场上使它看起来毫无道理的购买是荒谬的。想想一家初创公司的技术人员 旧金山正在寻找一百万美元的入门级垃圾房。那家公司会在10年后出现吗? 20年? 30年?即使有巨大的首付,该家庭将长期承受疯狂的高价。许多人只是简单地与别人搭and,分摊房租。您愿意共同签署并分割房屋购买吗?有配偶,是的。然后人们忘记了房屋具有壮阳效果,似乎会生小孩。孩子们非常昂贵。人们似乎忘记了,购买PITI以外的房屋会产生额外的隐性成本。净资产数据只是重申了我们在房地产领域的杠杆作用。购买方面的游说活动太多,人们无法在其他投资工具中充分储蓄。

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Did 您 Enjoy The Post? 订阅 至 泡泡博士’s Blog 至 get updated housing commentary, analysis, and information

98个回答 至 “Examining the net worth of renters and 房主s: Most Americans stash their 财富 in home 公平. Many housing markets affordable, just not the area you are looking at.”

  • 欢迎来到我们即时的满足社会。

    一旦乔·洛兰纳特(Joe Loanowner)发现自己的储蓄,为未来做计划,为未来而牺牲的人,就可以为此付出一切“riskless”$ 1mm +的crapshack买不起,蹲了3-4年,等待银行取消抵押品赎回权,实际上免费住房租。


  • Mortgage applications are at a 20 year low. Cash 购买ers have pulled back significantly. This leads 至:




    紧紧抓住’cause it’您剩下的全部。 --

    • “…但价格仍同比上涨。价格仍同比上涨!…”



    • 一个来自西雅图的人

      I have been saying homes are higher on YoY for quite some time. And I am a 钱 conservative and libertarian, 我不’不要相信.GOV和银行卡特尔。但是我相信的是,我们的经济以及市场(住房,股票,债券)都是完全操纵的。那’s the point. In the ponzy economy and crony capitalize environment you cannot expect the real price discovery 至 take place. Can this ponzy go on forever? No! 将 the housing tank this year? 我不’t think so either…不幸的是,我想为这个腐败的系统结束游戏,’t run out of steam… just yet. So…不过,我希望2014年住房市场不会遭受重创。

      • 在某些长滩地区,过去两周来我发现要价较低。房地产是本地的,但是如果这在其他地区发生,‘TANKING” has probably begun.

    • DOM-Inator做得很好!住房在2014年遭受重创!!

  • 啊,好医生帮助我们的农奴们了解了购房的含义。
    家庭形成和债务水平以及我们的税收政策和通货膨胀是我们已经过去的一个事件。我努力为我的孩子们提供更好的生活,并进一步发展他的王国。 TPTB具有保持面包和马戏团运转的有限能力。

  • 量化宽松深渊

    顺带一提,LAT已发布了一个‘rent or 拥有’SoCal区域的计算器。

    这里 is the link


    当然,您会看到‘cheaper 至 拥有’地区离洛杉矶很远。

    • 一个来自西雅图的人

      But can you imagine how much 钱 those crap shack 拥有ers can spend into the economy? Just use you house as a limitless ATM…

  • To start with I do not think this is a good comparison. It is like saying that 20 year olds do not have near the earnings power of a 45 year old. The comparison also only values the savings of the renters I imagine. Having been a landlord for many years, tenants tend 至 put 钱 into other things such as je welry and cars. While I am by no means trying 至 say that they have anywhere near the net worth, the net worth of 拥有ers could be fleeting.
    The value of housing is no sure thing and could possibly go down. In an environment where the unemployment (real unemployment keeps rising, wages declining, and 通货膨胀 taking more of the paycheck, it is unlikely that things will remain as they are now. What happens if rent controls come in 至 play or the hedge funds who have bought for pennies on the dollar are 被迫 in 至 a rent war. What happens 至 housing values? We haven’讨论了利率。

  • 哇。那张图正是我的情况。我和我的妻子有大约$ 5,000的储蓄(以及$ 15,000的支票)。我们在2012年10月购买了房屋(当时此博客上的大多数人都在说房价将下降)。我们购买房利美止赎房屋的价格下跌了3%,我们还能够为抵押贷款增加3%的抵押费用。我申请了4个新的CC,并花了3万美元来修复这所房子。我们在18个月后将其出售。现在,我们节省了超过20万美元。 (支付资本收益后)

    I am happy we unlocked our 公平:


    I will most likely 购买 again when prices come down a bit. what is a bit? for me a bit will be a smaller drop in price than the average person on this blog will need 至 think it is a good time 至 购买.

    My ‘secret’ was luck. and ‘买房过量’人们认为价格不应再上涨。

    • 也许我的数学很差,但是却有上限和经纪人费用,可以帮助您康复’d be more like 160 –170K ??仍然是18个月的超值回报。

    • 哇,真是可观的利润。 $ 30k为您康复’在那所房子里做的事看起来很棒(尽管我不知道以前是什么样)。

      • 这是图片前后的链接。我为自己感到骄傲。我自己完成了大部分工作,但在劳动方面得到了朋友和家人的帮助,我付了几个邻居。我完全重整了主浴室,修整了硬木地板,修整并更新了厨房(我的朋友在道具屋工作,拿走了橱柜门并上了油漆,并带了喷枪为所有箱子上油漆),所有新的双窗格窗户,新的隔热材料,所有新的DWV,为房子粉刷,为后院增加了粉刷墙壁,喷泉和无气燃气壁炉,整体美化环境等等。


    • 一个来自西雅图的人

      是的,的确,为什么房价没有 ’不能再走下去?哦…请稍等,我忘了,是2012年QE3启动然后转向QE Infinity吗?确实,谁会’ve预测到了。现在,让我们回到过去,说美联储没有’t做QE1,QE2和QE3,它没有’•长期保持历史低利率。我们会’我猜到现在已经严重衰退… Or, wouldn’t have seen the “recovery” at all…

    • 2012 was the only year in the past decade I even considered 购买ing anything. I looked at a few places and at the time I decided not 至 for stupid emotional reasons not related in any way 至 finances, and always kicked myself for it. Nice timing job…I’我有点嫉妒,但很高兴’s worked out for you…

    • 为什么没有’t you wait another 6 months? 您 would have avoided paying any taxes on the gain altogether. What some of you folks need 至 admit is that the system is rigged in favor of 房主ship in this country. That can be good or bad policy, but that is another partial explanation for the chart.

      • 一个来自西雅图的人

        @Dean What some of you folks need 至 admit is that the system is rigged in favor of 房主ship in this country


      • I did not wait 6 more months because 我可以 not successful time the 至p of the market. I believed that the mania would stop and the ‘minuses’因为这栋房子很难卖出高价,即主要道路,没有中央空调,房子前的公交车站等。


    • 恭喜你!一世’我对房利美或房地美的贷款还不太熟悉。对于房利美(Fannie Mae)/房地美(Freddie Mac)或联邦住房管理局(FHA)的贷款持有人,是否有严格的规定禁止其交易?

      • “*自住者是指将在交易结束后60天内将其作为主要住所并至少保留1年的购房者。业主购买者必须签署《业主购买证书》,作为《房地产购买补充条款》的附加条款。以信托名义进行购买,作为度假/兼职住宅进行购买或购买其他人或亲戚可以居住在该物业中的购买者,通常会被视为投资者,并且在初看期间不具备资格。”

    • Not shre if you reqlize , but you just admitted 舞弊 by taking on a government backed mortgage intended for first time 购买ers. 房利美 首页path is not intended for someone who has an investment property in Brooklyn already. I’m not saying you shouldnt have taken advantage because most 财富 here in California started with 舞弊 and loopholes. In reality you should have never been able 至 购买 unless you had 20% down.

      • ouch. yikes. We were very transparent. All parties involved knew of the property we 拥有ed in Brooklyn. all our income was needed 至 be documented in order 至 qualify for the mortgage. All bank statements, past tax returns.

        您 may be correct is the property is purchased the first 20 days or so, called “first look”.


    • 安迪:图片#5322…那到底是什么东西?


      • 那是旧的绝缘材料。多年以来,洛杉矶风从拱腹通风口吹来凝结而污秽。也是从上次屋顶更换以来的木头碎片。

    • Wow, congrats! It certainly looks like you earned that ±$200k with all the work you did. The wife and I currently 拥有 a place (bought in ’09), and passed up 购买ing several places in 2011 and 2012 for frivolous reasons (kicking ourselves now). So now we’re stuck waiting for the next downturn 至 购买 again (current place will be a rental). Good for you that you followed through and made it happen!

      我不’不想过多地损害自己的成就,但是你’很幸运能有足够的朋友/家人提供免费/折扣的工作。如果他们有足够的偿付能力(或太便宜)自己不能支付劳力,我通常会拒绝帮助他们做家务(不是说您一定属于此类)。尽管如果我本来可以帮助一个朋友赚到20万美元,我什么也得不到,除了那名朋友可能会做一些免费的工作,’d有点不高兴。那,我只有一条生命。我当然不’不想为了某种对我无益的原因而花费精力。那’只是我,而我意识到每个人’s different. I’我在其他方面还很慈善;我通常只是选择只帮助真正需要它的人。

    • 哟安迪

      您 are full of sh-t. 您 think you’re 至ugh?

  • The 数学 does not add up?

  • Savings? 当您的收入的30%用于抵押贷款而25%用于出租时,您如何储蓄?

    • 一个来自西雅图的人

      您r house saves it for you. Ask the home 拥有ers, how much of their net worth is actually liquid 资产s (bonds, stocks, cash, PMs) and how much is the actually “equity”。你去,你不’如果您有房子,则无需保存,您的房子将为您服务!!!

      • “the 公平 in your house is your savings”?!你来自哪个星球?你十二岁?您的妈妈在成人博客上认识您吗?

    • 您’re missing something. 您 have 至 account for the portion of your mortgage payment that is amortizing your loan. That is what people are calling “forced savings”.

      • 一个来自西雅图的人

        “forced saving”? common? this a lame excuse 至 购买 an overpriced “asset”。在这个国家,人们需要的是一种常识,可能是想了解银行卡特尔对共和国所做的事情。“forced savings” sounds 至 like prohibiting 32 oz soda cans in order 至 reduce obesity rates, like it would prevent people from now 购买ing two 24 oz cans…

        人们真正寻找的是“asset” that will “grow in value”没有他们举起手指…

    • 恩斯特·布洛费尔德



      I live in SoCal, walking distance 至 the beach. My rent is about 12% of my gross income. If I were 至 购买 in my neighborhood, my PITI (principal-interest-taxes-insurance) would run 35% 至 40% of my gross income.

      In the non-bubble areas of the United States, rent since ZIRP (2008) is more expensive than home 拥有ership. In most parts of the U.S., the monthly nut for 购买ing is about 1/3 至 1/2 less than 出租. SoCal, NorCal, Seattle, northern Virginia/Washington D.C., New York City, and Boston are the areas of the U.S. (real estate bubbles) where this relationship is inverted.

      • 我处于同样的情况。我可以从房屋中看到冲浪,同时支付总收入的10%租房,那将是30%– 40% 至 “own”。请记住,.gov约占40%(美联储约占30%,CA约占10%),AMT会扣除所有抵押贷款利息扣除额,以及几乎所有其他扣除额。绝对没有道理“buy”在这种环境下。海湾地区的工作前沿让我感到害怕,所以我没有30年的承诺…

      • Oh… The “math”收入占30%,. gov占40%,节省了30%的收入。因此,我们中一些租金较低的冲浪者/农奴实际上确实可以节省…

  • 布兰克芬勋爵

    很棒的文章文档,请随时关注。就像你提到的“大多数住房市场都是负担得起的,而不仅仅是您要寻找的区域。” It’s been like this for decades. Desirable pockets of CA have always held a premium versus the vast majority of other areas. Ditto, that housing 至 most Americans is viewed as 被迫 savings. Americans are notorious bad savers, so paying $1000 of principal per month is a big accomplishment for most.

    我还是避风港 ’t seen any 1M crapshack 拥有ing baby boomers dumpster diving. These people won the lottery. Housing went 至 the moon plus Prop 13 protection. They likely have a pension. They will collect a tidy sum of social security. And the stock market went up a factor of 20 in the last 40 years. I wouldn’不要为这些人流泪。

    The net worth of 拥有ers in desirable parts of CA is astounding. That’这是我们获胜的另一个原因’在这些区域看不到房屋倒塌。这些地区将比任何较小的地区更容易经受风暴。话虽如此,请在适当的时候过来加入俱乐部。

  • 这是中产阶级的事情。在工业革命之前的数千年里,您要么是农奴,要么是土地统治精英的一部分。 Bonaparte在法国开始公务员考试,以摆脱无用的脑残贵族和东亚人,即中国韩国人和日本人接受公务员考试已有一千多年了。这就解释了他们过分强调教育的一切代价


  • 我相信在过去的几年中,年轻一代已经意识到,从摇篮到坟墓的工作很少,并且降低了他们对于同一家公司退休的稳定工作的期望。他们担心承担长期的财务承诺,尤其是在住房方面。在许多情况下,租房是这一代人在加利福尼亚的唯一选择,加利福尼亚州居住在美国的人口超过10%。他们知道高薪工作的竞争非常激烈,很少有人竞争,因此我认为鉴于这种情况,他们通过耳边打来做正确的事情。他们需要流动性以在加利福尼亚州内外寻求更好的就业,住房和教育机会。

  • 该图表是样本偏差和虚假相关性的经典示例。一组更有趣,更有洞察力的图表将按人均收入类别(例如前5年的平均值)将一个图表分解为多个图表。当我写人均时,我的意思是拿住户总收入除以家庭成员数。

    Thus, you would get a chart comparing renter vs. home 拥有er families with say $100-150k per capita income, $75-100, $50-75, $25-50, etc. Only then would you really see the impact of 拥有ing vs. 出租 on net worth. I’我猜想每个类别的差距会小得多(尽管理所当然,样本量的分布会偏向于较高和较低的人均收入组)

    Also, one could use the same groupings, renter vs. home 拥有er, and show average per capita income as bar height. you will basically see the same chart.

    • 我一直在想…

      As simple as 我可以 put it: 的more 钱 one has, the more likely one is 至 afford, and then 购买, a home. Visa vie, the more 钱 one has, the more likely one is able 至 save.

      This is the truth; the wholerestier truth, which the author seems 至 gloss over. 的购买ing of a home is not the main contributor 至 a saver’的状态。有钱是。

    • 恩斯特·布洛费尔德


      经典示例:比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates),3名快餐工人,5名中产阶级和1名中产阶级人士在一个房间里。

      平均(中位数)净资产是多少?每人少于$ 100K美元。

      样本分发确实起着非常重要的作用。即使在SoCal中,并非所有城市都一样。比佛利山庄居民的收入(投资)与Mar Vista / Palms / Culver City(工资)大不相同。

  • It makes sense 至 rent right now. Long term renters do not have the same net worth as long term 房主s. It is a 被迫 savings plan that works for most people. Renting and saving equal 至 what 房主s save over time is not as likely. That’这就是为什么我说如果租客价格高昂但有现金,下一次低迷会在需求高的地区购买入门级两居室公寓。完全拥有公寓和收取租金比从银行获得更多现金流量。等到2016年之后再买东西,看看经济和住房的发展趋势。

  • Renting is not much different than using 信用卡, it makes you a slave 至 someone else with no accumulated 公平. It may be necessary for some, or 至 live above your real means, but is a horrendous long-term behavior

    • 一个来自西雅图的人

      我不’t think 出租 makes it me anymore slave 至 a landlord than a home 拥有er 至 the bank. I am free 至 move any time, 我不’t like my landlord, 我可以 choose a different one, 我不’就像我每天上下班一样,我可以选择住得更近一点…您缺乏的灵活性和灵活性对我很重要。而且,我相信,您不应该“forced”为了节省您的房屋,应该养成一门学科。我们是中产阶级的高收入家庭,我们的生活方式非常节俭。我可以节省大约50%的带回家钱(税,保险,401K等之后),我们必须支付所有费用,’不能从政府那里得到任何好处,因为我们也是“rich”。而且我们没有债务!如果我们不买现金’没有现金来买东西,那么我们保存并等到可以买到为止。它没有’并不意味着我们不投资,我们只是不投资住房…

    • 不可以。抵押贷款是使用类固醇的信用卡。租房更像是手牵手。

  • Everyone says they will be 购买ing the dip in 2016/2017, which makes me think we will not have a serious crash until the next recession where jobs are lost across the board. 您 have the cash 购买ers saying they’ll 购买 again at 2012 prices, you have the long term savers saying they’ll 购买 if prices retreat 至 2012 prices, you have the guy willing 至 put 3% down and get 4 CCs 至 renovate willing 至 购买 the dip.

    • “Everyone says they will be 购买ing the dip in 2016/2017, ”

      This concerns me as 好, 至 be honest.

      我为自己感到安慰,即当价格下跌时,大多数人会等待谷底,然后等待,然后在价格下跌时踢自己“missed it”。当价格下跌时,大多数人陷入瘫痪。

    • 布兰克芬勋爵



      As we witnessed a few years back, the pendulum swings very quickly between 购买ers and sellers markets. Fall of 2011 was likely the best time 至 购买. Prices were low, inventory was high and places sat on the market for months. We snapped off the bottom hard and less than a year later prices were slightly up and competition 至 购买 a home was fierce. Anything priced within reason got multiple offers as soon as it hit the market.

      Buying in a falling market is never easy. Nobody wants 至 购买 and have 10 or 20% percent negative 公平 soon thereafter. Buy based on rental parity for your area…I’m sure this will bring out the rental parrots. 🙂 As the old saying goes, show me one example of 购买ing at rental parity that didn’最终解决…

  • 如果属实—这证明DOCS点–由于教育部门要求付款,老年人被迫陷入贫困。超过60个增长最快的债务人群体的人。


    • 等一下。这些人目前只有60岁,并且在大学时代就已经拖欠了学生贷款!现在,学生毕业时的债务至少要多5倍。现在我’我开始明白为什么每个人都在谈论学生债务泡沫。那’s damn scary…

      • a…大学(大学校)就像医院一样收费,就像没有明天一样。随着电视收入和赞助商的加入,他们获得了相当于董事会利润的利润。



    • 荧光素…的确如此,老年人不敢去信箱猜测什么,等到法院照办的时候,奥巴马医护人员就可以得到补贴账单。’推翻四月份的决定。

      • 疯了,罗伯特!在我看来,所有生活在猪场上的婴儿潮出生的人都没有’还清学生贷款。 1.3万亿学生贷款债务。而且’对今天的年轻毕业生来说,情况更糟,甚至更糟—与临时工支付的费用相比,大学费用高得惊人。 WHO’要买东西吗?我看到了一篇文章,告诫常春藤联盟的毕业生不要期望毕业后赚太多钱。如果常春藤联盟的教育(和校友网络)不’不能赚一大笔钱—其余的真的有麻烦。

  • 一个来自西雅图的人

    好吧,让我们给住房充气,并把所有的净资产花在经济衰退中,对吗?我一直以为经济就是经济,这意味着您应该节俭,为自己投入金钱,而不是借自己的眼球和子孙后代 …

  • 承销商是如此疯狂,以至于拥有800个信用评分,几乎没有债务甚至没有债务的人们仍然有一段时间想要获得像样的贷款的魔鬼。

    If you have any misstep in your background forget it people, that house you want 至 购买 they won’t loan on it.



    To say the least the now over cautious lenders are also a major determent 至 a 复苏, qualified 购买ers are getting rejected.

    • 恩斯特·布洛费尔德

      @robert,人们很难获得贷款的原因是ZIRP。如果放款人在托管结束后打算将贷款转移给房利美,房地美或美联储,则放款人将遵循FF / FM / FR’s loan guidelines.



      If interest rates were 至 hit 7% there would be a huge line of lenders waiting 至 give away 钱 至 prospective 房主s. At the current 4% 至 4.5% rates, the numbers do not work.

      • 恩斯特,我’我不确定我是否相信这一切。这是您的意见还是事实?

        Just yesterday I locked in a 4.5% 30 yr fixed rate on a refi of one of my duplexes. 我不’t live there so it falls into an investment category which means 70% max LTV and a hit of about .6-.7% over a SFR 拥有er-occupied property. 的bank says that they keep most all of their loans and I’我不确定政府机构是否有兴趣对投资物业进行抵押。

        I’ve got a 5/1 ARM on my 拥有 home and that loan hasn’t been sold, I’我仍在向原始银行付款。

        I’m not saying you’re wrong (my 个人轶事 don’t承担任何重量),只是想了解更多有关所有这些工作原理的信息…

      • @Jeff你怎么知道什么时候银行家在撒谎???当他/她的嘴唇移动时!我最喜欢的银行家游戏是询问fdic保险以及我可以在他们的银行中获得多少保险。继续问一问,看看他们怎么说,然后与您联系“personal anecdotes”…

      • 银行家撒谎,天空是蓝色的。 Monsignor什么,您是在告诉我我的贷款实际上是政府的贷款吗?或者,您还有其他要说的地方吗?

        我所知道的是,现在获得贷款并不比1或5年前困难。但是话又说回来,我知道我的前端DTI和后端DTI和信用评分,而这些数字并没有’t exclude me.


      • 恩斯特·布洛费尔德



  • 买家继续拒绝定价过高的房屋,这很明显每天都在发生,销售停滞不前,可再生能源代理商继续扮演好人,坏人的角色。

    好小子… they tell sellers, 购买ers will be back price high and wait.

    坏人….They tell 购买ers houses are overpriced, but interest are on the climb so maybe you better 购买 now.

    买方和卖方一直在做什么。卖家真的不’t have a idea of how 至 market the property, sales are all over the place. In some locations as much as 300k more for the same house around the corner, the difference the 购买er paid cash so no appraisal.

    买家对2007-2008年感到非常害怕,他们要么想要将来的保证金,要么想要一笔廉价的贷款等一下,这’t available 至 them.

    Cash 购买ers throw the whole game out of whack, I suggest 购买ers and sellers invest in Tums and by all the stock in it?

    • 一个来自西雅图的人


    • 房价逐月下降,逐年下降

      @robert,你’re right about agents playing good cop/bad cop. They sit the seller down and tell them the market is softening and they better hurry up and sell, sell, sell before they lose more 钱. Then they smile and tell the 购买er that prices are going up, up, up, there’没什么好担心的’s time 至 购买, 购买, 购买.


  • 一个来自西雅图的人



  • 作为负责任的储蓄者,我在货币市场账户中的低回报率受到了惩罚。 2006年我的表现不错,当时我的收入为5%。现在我’m变得微不足道的0.75%带回更高的利率和更低的房价!

    • The USA has become a nation of consumers, rather than savers. 的misguided Einsteins in power would prefer we spend rather than save, and spend on CREDIT. Thing is, since we now consume instead of save and create, our spending is making other countries 丰富 while the USA builds 债务. Low interest rates are not a good thing in the long run. 的typical American consumer would disagree, since their outlook is short term and centered around “me”即:我可以在信贷上花多少钱?

      对于我来说,我必须是唯一一个没有小便的房客。我的净财富可能比我大多数人都多“homeowner”邻居,还有我的大多数“wealth” is liquid. 的only 财富 my neighbors have is tied up in “equity”在他们的家中,这种情况开始消失。他们中有些人每月为自己的房子支付双倍的房租,而我则支付房租。

      I have no 债务 except $50 on a credit card 至 keep it open, I 拥有 my near=new car, no 助学贷款s, no mortgage. In fact I am in the middle of a Master’的课程,我的雇主支付我学费的80%。我按班级支付差额现金。谢谢你,我将以零债务毕业。


      My point is, renters who are conservative with their 钱 can build net 财富 至o.

      • 伟大的工作卡利女孩…。您以正确的方式做…



  • The guy across the street must be reading the tea leaves. He was the last one 至 购买 on my street. He bought while the bubble was still deflating so he was losing 钱 as he was moving in. Must be four years now(?) Well, he had a Broker’今天的开放日。大待售在前面签收。几年来我在这个地区见过的头四个销售标志。林地山地区。我没有’知道他多少钱’s asking, or if he’s selling at a loss.

  • 在过去的150年中,两次衰退之间的最长间隔时间是10年。自上次衰退开始以来,我们已经离开了7年。换句话说,这只鞋将尽快下降,而不是稍后下降。那么会导致什么:



    • 让’可以为您的列表增加更多可能性:




      4.)大假发从@ $!%中挑出一些东西引起恐慌?


    • F)巴里护理

      • I’医生。我怀疑这将是巴里护理。那只会造成糟糕的医疗保健。有或没有巴里护理的医疗保健太昂贵,还有其他许多原因导致工资压抑,兼职工作,“contractors,”和工资压制。巴里护理只是一小部分。

      • 刷新– I call flip flop!!!

  • 全球经济不是很健康



    阅读更多 http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2013/12/question-7-for-2014-what-will-happen.html#Ao0WVIFtD71Ao4P2.99

  • 德克萨斯州,有人吗?

    • 大特克斯…是的,你们有很多土地,现在有很多人称得克萨斯州为家。但是,如果您去过Ca。 (4000万,并且还在计算)请不要’希望更多的人搬到你的州,更多的不是’人口方面会更好吗?

  • 唐’不知道这个故事在加利福尼亚有多大的代表性’的未来,但它表明这种干旱,如果真的变得严重起来,可能会导致PRIME-PRIME地区陷入困境: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/11094232/Super-rich-make-last-stand-against-California-drought.html

  • 我住在罗利北卡罗来纳州郊外的一个小镇。我在语料库生活了25年后因身体衰竭而提前退休。自从孩子们上学以后,他们就卖掉了房子,从那以后,他们一直以低于市场价格的价格向朋友租用不同的地方。我认识的许多人都是房地产不佳的人,很乐意使较早还清财产的现金流量达到收支平衡。到现在已经八年了,似乎剩下的财产比以往任何时候都多。我了解到的事情是,几乎任何地方都可以在一个月之内找到家,即使是贫穷的小农村城镇似乎拥有老化的房地产存货,但多数邻居都很友好,但联邦政府的资金流确保了消防局,市政府建筑物和医院是一些外观最好的建筑。

  • 不良房地产供应,抵押和


    但是,财产补偿’s end up in

  • Back from my weekend of house watching and 我可以 report, 购买ers are staying away in droves. 关于 now is when RE agents start the drum beat, “I can’t make a living, so I will sell cars, be a server, learn how 至 be a commodity broker, and hope the 购买ers return soon.”

  • 我姐姐刚从洛杉矶回来。她说,可以’不要相信交通拥挤,每个地方都挤满了人,在购物中心没有停车场。



    • 房东的儿子


      我只读过关于好莱坞,山谷,市中心,帕萨迪纳的许多有趣事件。一世’d like 至 go see it, but 我不’t,因为交通残酷。

      人们大肆宣传SoCal可以提供的功能如此之多。但是,如果可以的话,有什么好处’t get 至 it?

      • 史密斯先生(Kmit)




        I have good friends who live in Playa Vista who might as 好 live in Chicago for how often I actually see them.

      • 我看曼哈顿的方式就像洛杉矶—村庄的集合。即使在长7英里,宽1/2英里的岛屿上,人们也倾向于留在岛上‘hood. I’我在这两个地方都住了很长时间。我目前的村庄是北好莱坞– Burbank.

  • Everybody needs 至 at least get NEUTRAL 通货膨胀 by 拥有ing their primary residence.

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